Sell Your Lease

Procedures to Sell a Contract

  1. Fill out the Ventana Student Housing Consent of Owner for Termination form and turn it into the office as soon as possible.   No one will be able to apply for your spot until this is turned in.  If any incentives (current month, give last month’s rent, give remaining deposit, etc.) have been discussed between you and the buyer they will need to be noted on this form.
  2. ADVERTISE!!! Talk to friends, family, classmates and spread the word! Post in the classifieds ( and craigslist are both free), facebook housing pages and distribute flyers around campus.
  3. Refer any interested persons to Ventana Student Housing Management for approval.  They will need to fill out an application and pay the $35 application fee.  Do not promise your contract to anyone or tell them they can buy your contract until they are approved by management.
  4. Once an application is approved by Management, we will have the applicant sign a lease and pay the $300 deposit.
  5. DO NOT assume that your contract is sold until you have been notified by management.  Nothing is official until the prospective buyer has signed the lease and paid the deposit.  Management will notify you once that has taken place.
  6. Schedule a check out appointment.  Keep in mind that we will need at least 3-7 business days to prep the unit for a new tenant.
  7. Your deposit and/or Last Month’s Rent (if applicable) will be returned to you (up to 30 days) upon the sale of your contract.

**There is a $100 selling fee that must be paid at the time you decide to sell your contract.

Please remember that you are responsible for the entire contractual period if your contract does not sell.  If the contract does not sell and you choose to move out, you are still responsible for rent and utilities for any time period thereafter until it sells or until the contract period ends.